Kingdon Gould Jr.

What Kingdon Gould Jr. think about real tennis

Having learned during my days as U.S. Ambassador to The Netherlands of the number of sports available in your country and of their popularity, my wife Mary and I were not at all surprised to learn that Court (Real) Tennis may be returning to The Netherlands. I believe there had once been more than 100 real tennis courts in The Netherlands.

When we were in The Hague kind friends invited me to play field hockey on the Klein Zwitserland veterans’ team which I much enjoyed as I would to play on the new Court (Real) Tennis court which I understand you are building in Haarlem.

Court Tennis is a sport in which my family was once much involved:  my father’s brother, Jay Gould II, was for twenty years the U.S. men’s champion and, as you can see, he won the Olympic title in 1908 when it was called “jeu de paume”.  The sport is currently experiencing a revival in America.

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