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Why is real tennis such a great game?
Let me start by saying that I am a true sports addict. This makes that I love every sport and to be more specific, I love the traditional values of playing sports: it’s the love for the game in stead of a lot of other things that in my opinion are less important. A game with a long tradition, with respect for your competitor, your and their passion, that for me is the authenticity of sports and the true beauty of playing. Real tennis has it all: history, tradition, emotion, passion. Wonderfull!

Why does real tennis appeals so much to you?
Real tennis is an historical game, it is the origin of tennis. When you look at a real tennis court and at the people playing it, you immediately see the tradition and passion. That is what sport should be really about. It is the combination of using your head and your body. We are playing today what people played back then, keeping it as pure as possible. Real tennis is a sport that holds all of these important values and that is what makes real tennis a special sport.

Why should more (young) people start playing it?
Every sport should be played by as many people possible, whether they are young people or (somewhat) old(er). Without a past no future, without young people either. Huis ter Kleef should not aim for only young people but I would like to emphasize that with making use of social media, especially young people’s attention will be drawn.

What is the importance of a new court in another (5th) country?
Without a good facility in the Netherlands, real tennis will face difficulties to get the attention it deserves. Renovating Huis ter Kleef and restoring its former function – of a real tennis court – will give a tremendous boost to real tennis in the Netherlands. This is a big opportunity for our country where so many people love sports and tennis in particular. And being a sports addict, what else can I wish for then that this mother of tennis will get the attention it deserves?

Hilversum 14-10-2008
Frank van der Wall Bake,
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