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Let’s make the biggest personal tile mosaic in the world! Fill out the form and upload your photo.

You can choose a personal tile with just your photo. If you like to do a group photo the rectangle of 12 tiles will suit you.

Organisations have the opportunity to display their logo. For square sized logos the 9 tiles option would suit, for long logo’s the 10 tiles long rectangle should work better.

But hey, you can go bigger. Choose whatever number of tiles you like and we will make you even more famous.

You will also enjoy the following benefits:

Our newsletter

Our special VIP-only newsletter with special announcements

An invitation for the opening ceremony

When you go for 101 tiles or more you also get:

The book “Little Kingdom by the sea” of Mark Zegeling

An invitation for the opening VIP party

1 tile = € 50,-
9 tiles (square of 3 x 3 tiles) = € 415,-
10 tiles (long rectangle of 2 x 5 tiles) = € 450,-
12 tiles (normal rectangle of 3 x 4 tiles) = € 505,-
13 – 100 tiles = € 40,- per tile
101 and more tiles = € 35,- per tile

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